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New Year’s Resolutions for Recovery

New Year’s Resolutions: The most exciting thought(s) we should have in regards to this Year’s resolutions is that we can and will keep these commitments to ourselves and therefore to our loved ones. Which takes away fear and delivers excitement! In keeping our resolutions everyone we come into contact with in 2020 will be able experience a ripple effect of our positive vibrational communication. Everyone’s first resolution should obviously be to stay sober! The way we make this happen is to first and foremost be honest! Be honest with ourselves so we can be honest with everyone. Constant honesty in all of our affairs is a must. And if we are truly being honest with ourselves we know that the success of this resolution also requires us to stay plugged into our sober communities. Here is a list of possibilities:

  1. Learn something new
  2. Chair meetings at your home group
  3. Get a sponsor
  4. Set more time aside for prayer
  5. Set more time aside for meditation
  6. Set more time aside for reading
  7. Make more time for family
  8. Make more time for meetings
  9. Eat better
  10. Exercise more

My 2020 resolution has me shaking up the status-quo! Learning something new! This year I’m choosing to learn how to play the Bass Guitar. In order to learn something new we need to ask for help. Just like we did when we got sober, and like we do to stay sober. Second accept that we have everything to learn. By doing this we humble ourselves; from humility we get strength, from strength we get hope. And living a life full of hope is the point! We are no longer a hopeless lot! With this new found strength in humility we can actually take the suggestions given to us and put them into action!

When choosing our 2020 New Year’s Resolutions lets sit down and take an honest inventory of ourselves and therefore of our lives. Choose what can be accomplished, and choose resolutions that promote personal growth! Let’s put together a plan of action to stay alive, have fun, and love one another in 2020.

Patrick Boyle, Program Facilitator

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