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Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for some of the most common questions and answers to addiction treatment FAQs. If you’re curious about anything at all, please contact Top of the World Ranch at 1.844.814.8885.

The clinical professionals at the Ranch have designed an effective and appropriate program to treat all forms of addictive behavior. Although we focus primarily on substance use disorders, our program also addresses behavioral addictions such as gambling, sex and romance addiction, and other dependencies. Our program also recognizes that there are often concurrent mental health disorders. These conditions accompany addictions, such as depression, trauma, anxiety, and ADHD. A full evaluation utilizing a biopsychosocial interview is conducted on admission, and as indicated, follow-up screening or assessment tools are used.

Treatment at the Ranch is provided by fully trained professionals who work as a multidisciplinary team. We work on a case-managed basis, where a professional counselor is assigned to each client, and an individualized program is designed. Our counselors provide individual and group counseling and group psychoeducational counseling. Each client also works closely with an aftercare counselor throughout their stay in treatment. They will create an individualized and comprehensive plan for supporting their recovery once they return to their home community.

Clients attend informative seminars, education on the nature of addiction, homework on insight into their addiction and how it impacts their lives, as well as self-care techniques.

We emphasize relapse prevention and recovery strategies and the development of healthy lifestyles. We then encourage a balanced return to recovery, emphasizing social support, work, volunteer activities, physical activity, and stress management. Clients can also practice healthy eating, meditation and mindfulness practice, enjoyment of nature, and nurturing client spirituality. The intensive and comprehensive nature of our client services makes Top of the World Ranch one of the most comprehensive recovery centers in the world.

We have four beautiful seasons of weather here in Northwestern Illinois. The summers are usually sunny, warm, and beautiful. The autumn is usually gorgeous, with temperatures very moderate and comfortable. The many trees on the Ranch begin to show their colors throughout the fall, the birds begin their migration (although some stay these days), and the sunlight is very calming.

Winters are cool, calming, and peaceful. We seem to get quite a variety of weather in the winter—sunny warm spells coupled with snowy Midwestern winter weather. We offer a great experience any time of the year. In the winter, the fireplace in our great room becomes a central focal point, as well as a great place to relax and read some inspiring literature. Spring is a favorite, with flowers blooming and the return of the migratory birds. Every season offers something unique. The Ranch overlooks the lake and out into the forest where many deer and other critters are present years round. We hike and do other outside activities year-round. There is no unpleasant time to be at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Center in Milan, IL.

The Ranch does not require a referral. Potential participants are required to complete a comprehensive admissions application form. It is important that there is a good fit between a client and their treatment needs and our program. Because of this, we often spend time following up the information captured on the Admission Information Record with phone calls from the Intake Coordinator, Ranch Nurse, or Clinical Director to gather additional information, clarify client needs, or answer questions about our program.

In addition, clients who have complex medical conditions or are currently in treatment for substance abuse or mental health conditions may need to provide additional information before an admission decision. Note that while a referral is not necessary for admission to our program, we highly recommend that incoming clients obtain a referral letter from a medical practitioner for their own benefit. Our past clients have found this useful when it comes time to file their tax returns. Upon discharge from our program, Top of the World Ranch will supply our clients with receipts and a letter confirming attendance dates, the cost of treatment, and the name of both client and payor.

The facility is relatively secure in that it is protected from urban activity by distance and remoteness. It is not a locked facility. Clients are discouraged from leaving the facility during the first two weeks of treatment unless authorized by their counselor or accompanied by Ranch personnel. This measure ensures each participant’s safety and enhances the potential to accomplish your recovery goals successfully.

All Ranch personnel is committed to the rigorous confidentiality policy of the facility. Your identity may be exposed to other clients who are bound by a written contract to respect your privacy, as you are bound to respect theirs. In short, every measure is taken to ensure the highest possible level of discretion and respect for client privacy. Unauthorized visitors are not admitted. Authorized visitors must sign confidentiality agreements.

Your first week here is a time of retreat. You will make and receive no calls. After this time and after consultation with your counselor, you will have access to our client phone during certain times of the day and evening. *Note to our clients, their family, friends, and associates: It is Ranch policy that we neither confirm nor deny a client’s presence here unless a Release of Information has been completed. We realize that this practice might appear unusual, but this is necessary to protect client confidentiality. Clients will not have personal access to computers or e-mail during their stay, except by permission of the Clinical Team. Phone calls to clients are screened to ensure the safety of our clients; messages will be passed on when appropriate.

All extra or adjunctive services that take place on the Ranch, including massage, store purchases, etc., will be charged to the credit card that we have on file. Items such as off-Ranch store purchases, or off-Ranch services that you may use, will require that you have the appropriate funds available. If you need a cash advance from the Ranch using your credit card on file, you will be charged a 3% surcharge to cover our transaction fees. It is best to bring any spending money you feel you will require while here. We do provide secure storage. All personal belongings that need safekeeping (wallet, purse, keys, etc.) will be locked away in your storage box here at the Ranch.
The residence has two floors. Our private rooms are soundproof insulated, equipped with a very comfortable queen bed, nightstand, granite desk with reclining executive chair, and a storage ottoman to prop up your feet when reading or relaxing. The Ranch’s accommodations are first class. All rooms in our brand new purpose-built residence are private. We did this for you. We did this to make the decision to attend treatment an easier one. We did this so that you have some time to decompress and let this all sink in. To be contemplative and at peace.
Yes, the Ranch has provisions for testing both blood and urine. During the admission process, you will be required to consent to random testing for drug and alcohol use. The use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited during the treatment program. Use of drugs or alcohol during treatment may result in immediate dismissal from the program.
All prescriptions must be pre-approved by the Ranch Nurse in consultation with the Ranch physician. This may also involve your primary care physician. Your medications will be in your personal safe that is accessible only under the supervision of the clinical staff. No prescription or over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, or supplements are permitted to be in your direct possession while in treatment. Ranch personnel will not dispense medication. They supervise your access to your meds as per your physician’s directions.

Your $5000 deposit is non-refundable but can be used for up to 6 months if you must cancel for any reason. A client may choose to leave treatment prior to the completion of their program. Alternatively, we may ask a client to leave treatment for not adhering to their treatment agreement, such as rule-breaking and lack of participation. In such cases, a prorated refund will be issued for the remainder of their stay, minus the non-refundable deposit of $5,000 and a one-time $850 empty room charge. Both of these are applied to the end of the stay. Therefore no refund is provided for the last nine days of treatment. The refund is calculated beginning the day after discharge.

If a medical discharge occurs, the client will receive a prorated refund for the remainder of their planned stay with us, less $2,500 of the deposit. The vast majority of treatment centers offer no refund at all.

Each day you will have the opportunity to have private time for reflection, meditation, prayer, creative activities, exercise, or simply rest. Your focus while here is on yourself and your program. For the safety of all clients, please cooperate with program staff at all times. The structure of the program is purposefully intense and closely supervised. There are plenty of opportunities for socializing or leisure activities within the routine.
The program is mixed-gender, and most activities are co-ed. Some group counseling sessions are exclusively for male or female clients, respectively. All personnel is sensitive and responsive to any discomfort the mixed-gender environment may invoke. The Ranch creates as normal a social context as possible to strategically guide you to appropriately respond to regular everyday stresses that you will encounter after treatment. The Ranch also emphasizes the importance of safe and respectful personal boundaries and healthy relationships both inside and outside of treatment.
Perhaps you are not committed to participation in treatment. Maybe you do not feel you need or want treatment, so you would be attending treatment to appease or please others. Alternatively, you are not ready to do the difficult work of recovery. If you do not wish to participate in our program and trust that we have your best interests in mind, we are likely not the best place for you. Our staff is not equipped in aversion therapy, and we are not a confrontational or in-your-face treatment center. Our program relies on mutual respect, trust in the recovery process, guidance, instruction, compassion, and evidence-based therapies and counseling. More aggressive methods exist, and if this is what you require, other centers may be better equipped to meet your needs.
No problem. Simply inform Top of the World Ranch about your preferred method of payment.
Yes, you can repay the loan at any time without penalty.

Get Answers to Other FAQs Today at Top of the World Ranch

If you have any other questions that were not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you to feel comfortable and informed about every aspect of our admissions process before making a decision that is right for you. Our admissions counselors are available to answer your questions and guide you through the process. You can contact us online or call 1.844.814.8885 today.