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Primary Treatment Program for Addiction

Research indicates that a residential treatment program can be a highly effective way for people to overcome addiction. One of the most important aspects of a successful treatment program is the quality of care that a person receives. The staff at Top of the World Ranch is committed to providing our residents with the highest quality care possible. To learn more about our residential addiction treatment center in Milan, IL as well our other addiction treatment programs, call Top of the World Ranch today at 1.844.814.8885.

A Round Bench | Primary Treatment Program for Addiction

What Can You Expect at Our Residential Treatment Program

At Top of the World Ranch, we attend to your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs. Each client is assigned a primary counselor for case management approach. During your stay, we offer one-on-one counseling sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to create a treatment plan with our treatment experts, so you graduate from our program with a clear plan in place for your success. If you stick to the plan that you helped co-create, you will be successful in your recovery. In addition, we offer a variety of group therapies, as well as intensive and interactive psychoeducational programming. We facilitate indoor and outdoor experiential therapies, as well as a range of holistic therapies such as:

  • Mindfulness, Yoga, Guided imagery, Relaxation and grounding techniques
  • Native American sweat lodge
  • One on one counseling and case management services
  • Small-group processing
  • Psycho-educational Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Fully-Private Accomodations at Our Inpatient Treatment Center

Our facilities are top-notch, set up as a resort-style retreat, and, in unison with our natural beauty, we offer first-rate accommodations.

Each room at the Lodge offers privacy and is conveniently located a short walk from our Main Lodge. Our residence is located on top of a natural hill with excellent views from every window. It has two floors, and each floor has client rooms and a free laundry room, so there is no need to pack too much. The rooms are all soundproof, insulated, and very comfortable.

Beyond the obvious comforts of having one’s own room, we have found that having some time to oneself after an intense day of interacting with others through our addictions treatment program allows the learning to settle in. It also gives our clients more of an opportunity to meditate on why they are here, what this all means, and their plan to move forward.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our residential partial hospitalization program is designed to provide you with the tools you need to continue your progress in recovery. As a part of our partial hospitalization program, you will participate in a variety of therapies and activities that will help you maintain your sobriety and live a healthy, productive life. However, you will have the opportunity to return home at night.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our residential intensive outpatient treatment typically lasts for a few hours each day, allowing you to work or go to school while you receive the care you need. At our intensive outpatient program, you will participate in group and individual therapy sessions, as well as have the opportunity to learn healthy coping skills and develop a support system. Our goal is to help you build a foundation for long-term sobriety and recovery.

Our Food

Many people struggle to eat healthy when they’re recovering from addiction. However, we have thought of that. We offer healthy, and incredible meals which our award winning top- chef uses to help manifest healing from the inside. You’ll enjoy high-end restaurant quality food. Our menus rotate regularly, but we’re always able to accommodate allergies and preferences. We use as much organic produce as possible, and all of our meat is hormone-free.

Our Signature Features

Although nature provides the best features that we offer, our team has added significantly to our center as well. For instance, you may enjoy our many outdoor enhancements, like our fire pit gathering spot at the end of the lake or strategically placed benches where clients may go for contemplative retreats. You can also take the hills hike, the mill creek walk, or the 12 step trail. In addition, you can spend time on the lake with canoes, weave your way through the meditation labyrinth, and enjoy the many other gathering and contemplative spots that we have helped put into place.

Our intention is that our primary treatment program for addiction can awaken the soul, which adds so much to your treatment experience. Our signature features help you to be present, to be out of your head, and to live from your heart. We know how hard it is to slow down the chaos that happens in your mind. Learning to become present in life, regardless of its challenges, is a vital part of recovery. This understanding is a major reason as to why the Ranch exists and why we offer all that we do.

Contact Top of the World Ranch, the best treatment center in Illinois, today for more information about our primary treatment program for addiction and begin your journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Learn More About Top of the World Ranch

We offer a variety of programs and features that are designed to help you heal from addiction. Contact us today at 1.844.814.8885 to learn more about our residential treatment program, our team, and how we can help you or your loved one get on the path to recovery.