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Overcoming Holiday Loneliness and Addiction

Holiday Loneliness and Addiction | Addiction Recovery Blog

The holiday season often heightens feelings of loneliness, especially if you are struggling with substance abuse. Shorter days and less sunlight can contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder potentially increasing substance misuse. Research indicates that December, January, and March are peak times for drug and alcohol-related incidents. The American Addiction Centers report widespread stress during the holiday season in the U.S. Learning to manage loneliness and addiction during this time is critical.

Giving the Gift of Change

If you were to ask yourself and your loved ones if you feeling more whole and content with yourself and moving in a positive direction is what you were giving them for Christmas, how would they respond? If you were to give them a choice between you being home for the holidays, but still using versus you being gone for the holidays and receiving treatment how would they respond? How about giving yourself that choice? These are all important questions to ask yourself as you decide what is more important.

Preventing Painful Holiday Memories

Recall your past holiday experiences while using substances. Are they joyful or filled with regret and worry? Choosing treatment during the holiday season can help you forge new, positive memories. Spare your family from worry and guilt. Taking the step toward recovery could be the best gift for them and a significant step in your healing journey.

Leveraging Time Off During the Holiday Season

December is a prime time for taking leave from work. Utilizing this period for recovery treatment can minimize the impact on your professional life. This season offers a unique opportunity to focus on mental health and sobriety.

Embracing a Sober New Year

Starting the New Year with a commitment to sobriety aligns with popular resolutions. Embracing recovery in January puts you in the company of others seeking similar goals. Leveraging this collective effort can be a powerful driver for lasting change.

Addiction Treatment in the Quad Cities

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