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National Say Something Nice Day

National Say Something Nice Day is an unofficial holiday first celebrated in 2006, the message of which is positivity can go a long way in spreading joy and happiness. Dr. Mitch Carnell, the holiday’s founder, is the author of Say Something Nice: Be a Lifter at Work. A little while back, one of our staff members wrote a blog post detailing the many benefits of random acts of kindness, and similar sentiments are echoed here. Being kind and showing kindness can benefit anyone in several of ways, but especially those in recovery. A few of these benefits include:

  • A stronger immune system
  • Reduced anxiety, stress and depression, which can be imperative for maintaining sobriety
  • Improved relationships
  • Showing kindness creates a sense of belonging and reduces isolation

Many have shared a number of ways to celebrate Say Something Nice Day, and I have included my favorites down below.

  • Say something nice to your co-workers in person
  • Lead by example on social media
  • Start a say something nice board
  • Commemorate it with a t-shirt

By exhibiting kindness in whichever way one chooses, there are clear physical and mental benefits to doing so. The manifestations of showing kindness can be especially pertinent for incurring or maintaining sobriety. Tishanna Dillard, Marketing Operations Specialist

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