Bryan McConnell

Lead Counselor, MA


I began my educational journey by serving in the United States Army. I then used the GI Benefits Bill to help garner my undergraduate degree at Spring Arbor University in southern Michigan. I also began working in Pastoral Ministries. After some time serving in this area, I realized it is hard to speak to someone’s spiritual side when their thoughts, emotions and behaviors are all out of balance. I enrolled back into Spring Arbor University and completed a master’s degree in counseling.

When it came time for my internship, I chose a place in Cadillac, Michigan called Catholic Human Services. During my time there, I had a life changing privilege happen to me. I had the ability to work in the Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Services offered there. I had the opportunity to share my life of serenity, sanity, and sobriety with those there in recovery, and they sure shared their lives with me. I went on to become a Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor in the state of Michigan.

I also went on to help students in the school setting as well. I went back to Spring Arbor University and completed the course work and internship for a Master’s in Education K-12 Professional School Counselor certification. I am now a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at the Ranch. I strive to live each day with serenity, sanity, and sobriety, and believe it is possible for those who seek this pathway for themselves.

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The vast techniques and processes that they incorporate along with the amazing environment and facilities at Top of the World Ranch are what I, as a recovering alcoholic and addict, find essential in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth.


AMAZING facility with a knowledgeable, friendly staff. I recently had the opportunity to tour the ranch and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. The facility grounds are expansive and absolutely peaceful. Perfect setting for healing, discovery, and recovery.


The Main Lodge is unlike any other treatment center...from the counselors' offices, the programming rooms, the games and leisure rooms, to the Chef's culinary skills...i was in awe. The staff, effortlessly, made me feel welcomed. I felt I belonged, I was safe.


On Top of the World Ranch , the place is amazing. The facility is beyond beautiful and lead by a staff that is the best in their field. It is tucked away in the country, just outside of the Quad Cities. Very conveniently located near airport or any of the Interstates , very easy to get to.

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