Patrick Boyle

Program Facilitator

My initial credentials come as an alcoholic/addict who was a client of Top of The World Ranch. I
am currently working on completing my undergrad studies in preparation to complete a Masters
Degree in Psychology thus allowing me to become a licenced Family/Drug Therapist.

The Ranch gave me the opportunity to realize a life unimaginable! My unimaginable life is a
manifestation of my discovery of a strength in surrender. A surrender to self, old life
philosophies and old friends. Within my surrender I have put together the strongest life to date.
This life is directly proportionate to me having the courage to put into action what The Ranch
taught me about self, and most of all, daily spiritual practices.

I was able to play soccer in Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and Canada. I mention
this because clearly I must have had a propensity to being uber competitive. Today through the
daily attempt to walk this earth in unconditional loving service with gracious humility, I only try to
be better than or compete with the man I was yesterday.

Top of The World Ranch has given me a new set of eyes and heart to share the gift of life as the
blessing it is. I look ever forward to a sharing this sober life with everyone; which is directly
proportionate to the hopefulness I have for all through living clean and sober!

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The vast techniques and processes that they incorporate along with the amazing environment and facilities at Top of the World Ranch are what I, as a recovering alcoholic and addict, find essential in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth.


AMAZING facility with a knowledgeable, friendly staff. I recently had the opportunity to tour the ranch and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. The facility grounds are expansive and absolutely peaceful. Perfect setting for healing, discovery, and recovery.


The Main Lodge is unlike any other treatment center...from the counselors' offices, the programming rooms, the games and leisure rooms, to the Chef's culinary skills...i was in awe. The staff, effortlessly, made me feel welcomed. I felt I belonged, I was safe.


On Top of the World Ranch , the place is amazing. The facility is beyond beautiful and lead by a staff that is the best in their field. It is tucked away in the country, just outside of the Quad Cities. Very conveniently located near airport or any of the Interstates , very easy to get to.

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